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National Telehealth Steering Committee 

National Telehealth Steering Committee 

National Telehealth Steering Committee 

Did you know that the HSE has established a National Telehealth Steering Committee and has been working alongside the HSE Office of the Chief Information Officer?

In March, 2020, the National Integrated Operations Hub (INHO) set up a Telehealth sub group to provide governance, oversight and direction to a range of work streams that were emerging in the telehealth / telemedicine area for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A National Telehealth Steering Committee was established and has worked alongside the HSE Office of the Chief Information Officer.

HSCP Representation

We are delighted that Dr. Heather Cronin has been redeployed, on a part-time basis, to represent HSCP in this important work. Heather, senior Clinical Psychologist, is the Clinical HSCP Lead for the Clinical Management System for Specialised Care Services Project (CMS-SCS) in the NRH. She is also a member of the eHealth HSCP Advisory Group.

Recommendations on Telehealth Solutions

The National COVID-19 Telehealth Steering Committee recommend the following solutions, made available during the pandemic, to support communication and collaboration across the health service:

  • Attend Anywhere
  • Microsoft Teams
  • WhatsApp

Further information can be viewed at the following link, under Virtual Health.

A daily demo on Attend Anywhere is available from Monday to Thursday at 4pm by clicking in the Join Microsoft meeting link:  ( Join Microsoft Teams Meeting)


It is recommended that HSCP services engage with CHO & Head of Service Leads for Virtual Health in their area as nominees are identified.



We aim to keep you informed of future Telehealth recommendations through our usual communication channels  of email, @WeHSCPs on twitter and the HSCP Office Newsletter as they arise over the coming two months.


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