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National HSCP Office – Invitation To Participate In Development Of An All-Ireland Digital Health Capabilities Framework

National HSCP Office – Invitation to Participate in Development of an All-Ireland Digital Health Capabilities Framework

‘Significant prioritisation and investment is being planned to improve digital capability in the health services as set out in both the Sláintecare Implementation Strategy and Action Plan 2021 – 2023 and the HSE Corporate Plan. As the second largest clinical workforce group in the Irish health service, HSCP are playing a vital role in delivering digital healthcare and in planning for future implementation of connected digital health services.

In this context, the need to develop digital health capabilities has been identified and there is a desire to develop an All-Ireland cross discipline Digital Capability Framework.  The National HSCP Office is collaborating with colleagues from the HSE’s Office of Nursing and Midwifery Services Director (ONMSD), HSE’s Chief Clinical Information Officer (CCIO), AHP Northern Ireland, Nursing Northern Ireland and Medicine Northern Ireland on this Framework.

In May,  HSCP’s were invited to contribute to this development and through the process, considerable feedback was gathered. However, recognising that the cyberattack occurred shortly afterwards, we are conscious that some HSCP have not yet had the opportunity to respond. We now invite those HSCP to contribute to this important development.

Phase 1 – Design of an All-Ireland Digital Capabilities Framework

A two-pronged approach of Online Survey and Focus Groups will be used to gather the views of a cross section of HSCP on the potential for adaptation of The National Nursing and Midwifery Digital Health Capability Framework for Australia (Nov, 2020) – Information gathered will be used to inform an agreed All-Ireland Framework ahead of implementation in Phase 2.

Comprising five domains, the Australian Framework was developed to:

Ø  define the digital health knowledge, skills and attitudes required for professional practice

Ø  complement existing individual knowledge, skill, and attitudinal frameworks

Ø  provide a solid basis for tailored learning

While designed for Nurses and Midwives, it is intended that this newly published Framework will be extended to other clinical groups in Australia. Please see additional information attached.

Online Survey

The survey (link below) is open to all HSCP regardless of level of experience with digital health solutions in clinical practice. Before completing the survey, you will need to review the National Nursing and Midwifery Digital Health Capability Framework for Australia (link above). Reviewing the Framework and undertaking the survey will take approximately 60 minutes. The survey will be open from 20th September to COB on 1st October 2021.

Digital Capability Survey HSCP

Virtual Focus Group Sessions

Engagement through Focus Group will take place virtually, over 45 minutes, and participants will be invited to provide feedback on the five domains of the Australian Framework. If you are interested in engaging in a Focus Group session, it is essential to have first completed the online survey.

Focus group sessions will be held during October and November. Expressions of Interest (EOI) are invited from HSCP interested in joining these Focus Groups. EOIs should be sent by email to by 1st October 2021 and include the following details:

  • Name
  • Profession and grade
  • Role details – employing service and location
  • Statement outlining your motivation to engage in a focus group session

During the selection process, every effort will be made to achieve a mix in terms of HSCP disciplines, grades, professional body nominees, geographical and service area representation.

Benefits of an All-Ireland Digital Health Capability Framework

The Framework will be:

Ø  accessible and easily understood across a broad range of healthcare settings

Ø  used by health services as part of their continuous quality improvement activities to assess organisational digital capacity and educational requirements

Ø  used by individual HSCP to assess their own digital health capabilities and to identify learning and developmental needs

Ø  used to equip managers with a structured process for developing a digitally literate and empowered workforce

Ø  used to provide a structured approach to ensure patient services continue to maintain clinical effectiveness with the increasing use of digital solutions

Ø  used to explore competencies for health and social care professionals and help further define and drive training needs

Ø  used to develop educational materials and other tools to assist in extending digital health capabilities

Ø  used to provide direction for career advancement planning in digital health

Ø  an enabler to promote and encourage positive attitudes in relation to the increasing introduction and adoption of technology and innovation’

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