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#HSCPdeliver Project.

#HSCPdeliver project.

Sign up to be part of the conversation developing the HSCP National Strategic Framework. This aims to drive forward HSCP service delivery in Ireland .

Just 7 days left to have your say!


Some exciting news about the #HSCPdeliver project – by Jackie Reed (The National HSCP Office)

“We started the co-creation of new national health and social care professions (HSCP) Strategic Framework on 3rd September. Since then we’ve held five physical workshops for over 200 people across the country and opened an online workshop for people to share their views. So far 280 people have shared their views in the online workshop. I’m really pleased to see that people from every HSCP group as well as service users have got involved in the physical and online workshops. The online workshop has received over 3500 contributions!

As a reminder we are asking people to share their views on these broad areas:

  • What would be different for service users and HSCP as a community if HSCP were recognised for their full potential and every HSCP took up their role fully?
  • What actions should HSCP start, stop or do differently to make sure we achieve our fullest possible value?
  • What support does our HSCP community need to realise our full potential?
  • What’s working well already or is there anything that doesn’t work so well?

You can read what has been written already, you can vote to show where you agree or disagree on a suggestion and you are welcome to add your own ideas. We want to hear from as many HSCP as possible before the workshop closes on 3rd October.

At this point in time we have heard very little from social care or medical science and very little from the South East in general and CHO 5 and 6.  We are also keen to hear from final year HSCP students”.

A few points about the online workshop

  • Everything you say in the online workshop is anonymised, so nobody knows what you have shared.
  • It is open 24 hours a day
  • You can login as many times as you like
  • It is available from any internet enabled device

There is also further guidance available in a step by step video on the below link:


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