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Recognition of Qualification




Is your qualification equivalent to practice in Ireland?

Currently internationally qualified Clinical Measurement Physiologists can apply for recognition of their qualifications to work in Ireland through the Irish Institute of Clinical Measurement Science (IICMS)

Application steps

Step 1

Read  the Recognition of Qualification Application Form, FAQ and the Transcript Descriptor (outlined below)

Please ensure you fully understand the application process and what information is required before submitting your application.

ROQ Application Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Appendix 1 – Academic Transcript Module Descriptor Example


Step 2

Complete the Recognition of Qualification application form and submit along with your supporting documentation.

Download ROQ Application Form


(Note: The application form contains further instruction as to these supporting documents.)


Step 3

Pay Online – Recognition of Qualification Application Fee – * Not Refundable*

A receipt will be issued via email via Paypal.

Please note:  ROQ Applications will not be sent to the Assessment Team for review until payment has been received.


Step 4

Once your payment of €300 has been made,  you will receive a ‘ROQ Information Letter’ from – please ensure you read, sign and return the signed ‘ROQ Information Letter’ to before submitting your ROQ Application. 


Important Recap!

 Please ensure you read the below FAQ’s and Academic Transcript Module Descriptor (outlined below) – failure to do so may delay your application being process.

Frequently Asked Questions


Appendix 1 – Academic Transcript Module Descriptor Example


All successful 2021 applicates who are awarded ROQ will be granted free IICMS Membership for 2021!


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