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Information and Resources for IICMS Members and Colleagues

Who we are

The IICMS represents health professionals working in the area of clinical measurement physiology.

Our members work primarily in the area of diagnostics, carrying out tests directly on patients and very often providing reports on these tests. Some members also work in the therapeutic area, following up on initiated therapies to ensure compliance and effectiveness. The profession requires an understanding of human physiology, the pathology of differing disease states, both acute and chronic and also a deep understanding of the technical aspects of the diagnostic equipment.

General information is given below regarding the various tests carried out by the five disciplines:

 CardiacNeurophysiologyGastro-IntestinalRespiratory and Vascular.

The aims of the IICMS

To advance the practice and delivery of physiological measurement services in Ireland

To promote the highest standards of practice, education, and training within the profession

To establish a dedicated forum for scientific communications between members

To provide information on the investigation and diagnosis of a diverse range of conditions to patients, their families and friends

To provide a pathway for professionals qualified in other jurisdictions to practice in Ireland while protecting quality standards

To represent our members interests in employment and related scientific and technical areas

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